To start the Evil Crypt, gather a team then speak to Nicky at Market (317,452)  , enter Azure HQ then speak to NPC Orana to start the quest.

Then walk to right top there you find a Barrier

Click on it and select Challenge Gate Keepers

The two Gate Keepers appear and you need to kill them

When killed click barrier again and select pass through barrier

And you will be send to next stage of quest in this room you need first to kill all the monsters called Lusty Banshee

When kill all then click on a Treasure Chest and then click on Open the chest

If you are lucky you get the Crypt key if not you get monsters again which you need to kill first

When you have the Crypt key go to the barrier at the end and click on Unlock door

And you will be send to next stage of quest you need to kill the Forsakensoul and you can pass through the next Barrier

Then you will come long hall need to run to end you will be hit by power magic and it take your HP down so don’t go AFK here

At the end you will see 2 monsters called Destroyer kill them

After you kill it , is time to fill up your HP  , by using HP Potions from shopping mall you will need it.

In the middle of this room you see Demonic Altar.

It will say to you that you need to donate blood.

On the left and right there are Blood horse click on it and donate blood 5 times then click on it again and donate again 5 times so in total you need to donate blood  20 times

When done this 10 times on both side it will say in system message on top You’ve completed the blood donation

Now go back to the middle of the room to Demonic Altar and click on it then click on Release the seal

Be ready it will summon 4 Horseman you need to kill them all

When killed pickup the rewards you won

Then walk up to the next Barrier

Then you will be send to next stage just walk a head till you see monsters called Flan

You need to kill all 5 off them

When killed all 5 walk up to next Barrier and click it then click on Pass through barrier

And you will be send to next stage

Just walk up and you will find a maze walk through you

You also find a Treasure Chest inside the maze click and reward goes to bag

Just walk on till you find a Looming Soul monster only the one with live bar others are decoration

Kill them all 3 and pickup rewards

When killed all 3 then you can walk through to the last room of the quest you will see 3 monsters called Sutton Soul you need to kill again

When killed the Sutton Souls then it will be the same as the 4 horseman room you need to donate blood again on left and right side only much more 20 times on each side so fill up your HP with HP Potion form shopping mall if needed

When done both sides it will give you a pop up

If needed fill up HP again then go to middle off room and click on Demonic Altar and click on Summon Countess Sutton

Your finale monster appear and you need to kill it

When killed pickup the reward it drops

Then walk to NPC Orana

Click on her and then click on Leave the Crypt

You will sent back to market

And you rewards are in you bag at least two Azure Chests click on them to get 1 out of the 5 Azure +150 gears and some Azure Treasures click on them to get Azure badges so far I get around 1000 Azurebadges each time you do the quest.

So enjoy and have fun doing it!