[Celestial Trials Expansion] [English]


NPC Location : Market Sodar(274,449)
Quick description : 3 new event and shop , enter Realm of the dead and the Celestial Hunt to collect Golden Emblems , and if you find the rare Celestial Flame use it to enter the Celestial Arena.


Celestial Hunt

SoulStealers drop Golden Emblems


The Celestial King appears randomly near you , upon slaying it you receive 100 Golden Emblem and 3% chance for Celestial Flame to drop.

Celestial Wardens spawn every 10 minutes at the 4 portals on the map , upon slaying them they drop 200 GE and 5% chance for Celestial Flame to drop.


Realm of the dead

Kill DeadShamans or DeadMages and collect 30 Shaman/Mage coin

Walk to the end of the room and kill the boss to processed.

Kill the SoulKeepr to processed.

Again kill Hellspawns and collect 30 Helltoken then walk to the end of the room

Speak to the Golden Celestial and answer the 10 riddles to fight the boss SonGoku

Kill Son Goku to get 300 Golden Emblems and 15% chance to find Celestial Flame


The Celestial Arena

Once you enter you have 30 minutes to clear all 15 wave of bosses and take as many rewards as you can





Cerulean Dream

Cerulean Ocean

Cerulean Sky




Yukii-chan – Convert-able Mage

Shiro-chan – Warrior Eudemon

Son Goku – Hybrid convert-able Eudemon



Golden Panda


Golden Pegasus


Golden Dragon