2019 December update

[Christmas 2019 Update]

◘ Christmas Thief Event.
◘ Ice King and Queen Bosses in all maps.
◘ Locked Gifts exchange updated.
◘ +255 Dragon set available in winter shop.
◘ Solar King&Queen +255 outfits available in winter shop.
◘ Dragon Arena now available at sodar every hour at XX:00.
◘ Legion war reward updated.
◘ Christmas Stars.
◘ New Donation package
◘ 10X Legion leaders package

Full update summary

♠ Christmas Thief Event ♠
The Christmas Thief has returned to cronus , you will be promoted to enter the event every hour at XX:10 for a chance to defeat the thief and his snow minions and be rewarded with snowballs , add snowballs to the snowman to unlock all presents.

♣ Ice King and Queen ♣
Ice Queen bosses will spawn in all maps in groups of 3s , defeat them to get locked gifts , shards , eps and a chance to summon the Ice King with a reward of 1 billion EP!

♦ Locked Gifts Event ♦
Deliver your locked gifts to santa to unlock them for random shards or use it to enter the north pole map for a limited period of 10 minutes and hunt as many shards as you can!

♥ Winter Shop ♥
Collect shards from the previous events to unlock rewards at the winter shop including the all new +255 dragon gear set and weapons and the +255 Solar king and queen outfit available for a very limited time.

♠ Dragon Arena ♠
Every hour at XX:00 the arena will be open for all participates to enter , fight and survive until you are the last person in the map to win 30 billion EP and 10 Snowballs , you can rejoin the event between :00 and :05 , speak to Balrog at sodar to enter.

♣ Legion War reward ♣
Legion war reward has been doubled to become 2000b starting today.

♦ Christmas Star ♦
Every 30 minute click the christmas tree to receive a christmas star and open it for random shards or snowballs.

♥ New donation package ♥
For a limited time VIP 8 package is $30 and Dragon #3 package is $50.

♠ 10x Legion package ♠
You can now donate $30 instead of $50 to unlock 10 leader spots in your legion.

Merry Christmas – Thorin[PM]